The Story of Heptarian and Korinna

Chapter 1: The Lord and the Serving Girl
Whereas Ariadne is dark and forbidding as midnight, Korinna is as welcoming as a new day.  She is the fairest creature he's ever laid his eyes upon.

Chapter 2: Furtive Glances
Sometimes, when he happens to glance her way, he catches her doing the same.

Chapter 3: Therus’ Messenger

"Tell me you're not involved in this."

Chapter 4: The Pankration

His betrothal is dissolved.  Perhaps it's for the best.

Chapter 5: The Boy of No Consequence

Looking back, all his troubles began with a single defining moment: the arrival of a hero called Jason.

Chapter 6: Suspicion

This will not end well.

Chapter 7: Treason

He'd expected it to be Ariadne beneath the cloak, yet he'd secretly known how deeply Korinna was involved... and now Pasiphae does as well.  He was a fool to believe she'd let it go unpunished.

Chapter 8: Collateral Damage

They'd both chosen sides.  He wishes they'd chosen the same one.


not actually a real fic, but I'm thinking about it


just catching up

Okay, so, since there are still some people out there (I love you guys), here's what's up with me.

I keep falling in and out of love with Doctor Who. I've never loved it so much as the 9/Rose/Jack days, but I grew to love 10 (although he could be a bit of a bastard sometimes), Martha never grew on me as a main companion (although I'm fine with her here and there), adored Donna (I think she and Jack needed to have an adventure together), didn't like 11 or Amy at first but loved Rory and River and eventually liked Amy and 11 also, then fell back out of love with 11 when the Ponds left, don't care for Clara. Oh, and the last of Torchwood, that never happened.

As for my fics, I honestly keep wanting to go back to them, but I've never been able to face re-writing what I lost when my hard drive died. Also, the sequel to Detachment was really like team Smith vs team Jones and just SARAH JANE!!!!!!!! *sobs*

I'm kinda writing a BBC Atlantis fic now (the quest for the Golden Fleece, what else?), but it's not going well. I got into the show because people were calling it the new Merlin. It's not. It lacks the spark that Merlin had. But it's a great playground, I think. You take whatever mythology you want and mix it all up however you feel like.

I dunno. What are you guys into these days?
Morgana wind

VID & FIC - Merlin - "Moment of Truth"

Title: Moment of Truth
Merlin Redux Prompt #4
Rating: G
Character(s): Merlin, Will, Arthur, Hunith
Pairing(s): Gen, although could be read as Merlin/Will past/present and Merlin/Arthur present/future
Word count: 4,500ish
Warnings: none
Summary: "If it comes to a choice between saving peoples' lives and revealing who I really am, there is no choice."
Comments: I claimed the art fill hoping that somebody else would take the fic fill and we could co-lab, but unfortunately that never happened, so I've decided to try the fic fill as well. Sorry you're stuck with me twice.

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